Steam PS4 Switch


WORK×WORK have teamed up with legendary staff who have worked on numerous masterpieces – scenario/Nobuyuki Inoue, graphic/Nobuhiro Imagawa, and sound/Tsukasa Masuko, and made it possible to bring this brand-new RPG by our company proposing, Furyu producing.
This unique story of the little bossy prince; Elric and the unmotivated useless part-time worker, also the main character; Pochio, unfolds funny and serious. The game draws players into a unique world with its technical text and the funny motion of the original character design “Rubber Dot.”
In addition, “Instructor Battle”, in which you support the heroes in battle from the rear and intervene at key points, is an exciting new type of battle that guides you through the battle. The “Chat Skill System” allows characters to chat freely and use their skills, making battles even more exciting.
Our company was in charge of all planning and production (programs, battles, graphics, UI, directions).