About us

Representative Director (CEO)

Shigeki Nakamura

We are committed to providing entertainment with a focus on the Web3 era by taking advantage of the best technology and services available to us.
You can expect us to continue to create new value and experiences and to deliver fun and excitement to the entire world. So, please look forward to Tenda Games in the future.


Keiichi Yoshida

For nearly two decades, I have been passionately involved in the development of a variety of games together with members of the Consumer Games Division. For some titles, we had to develop every element of the game. For other titles, we were responsible for certain aspects of the game, such as in terms of writing scenarios, implementing programs, and creating visual elements.
In any case, our greatest motivation was to provide the sorts of experiences that users can only obtain by playing games.
The Online Games Division grew larger with new members and our system has become even more robust. Everyone here at TENDA Games is committed to creating experiences that are even more fun and exciting and taking on new challenges. Stay tuned for what comes next!


Mayumi Yamada

We will provide exciting new experiences in collaboration with enthusiastic partners and everyone working for Tenda Games and proactively accept and overcome challenges to become a company that will spearhead the further evolution of games, anime, and other forms of entertainment of which Japan can be rightfully proud.


Make a smile and wonder world!

Entertainment gives people the energy and motivation they need to lead lives of spiritual fulfilment. We believe that games and other forms of entertainment can be the tools that provide spiritual fulfilment through their ability to inspire people. * Entertainment: Refers to those events and activities that affords people pleasure, diversion, or amusement. Synonymous or similar terms include fun, diversion, distraction, amusement, relaxation, and leisure.

Consumer domain


[Games business]

Concepts incorporated into our logo

Rainbow colors represent respect for freedom in a society in which diversity is sought and have been adopted for our logo mark. Each color in turn has a different meaning as explained below:











Strong will


About us
Backgrounds of Officers
Company name TENDA Games Co., LTD.
Capital 50,000,000 yen
Address 1-11-1 Nishiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 171-0021 WeWork Metropolitan Plaza Building
Telephone +81-3-5979-7818 (primary) (calls can be made between 11:00 and 18:00)
Number of employees 41
Board members Representative DirectorShigeki Nakamura
DirectorKeiichi Yoshida
DirectorMayumi Yamada
Director(part-time)Akira Sonobe
Director(part-time)Yusuke Amemiya
Corporate Auditor (part-time)Akira Nishii
Corporate Auditor (part-time)Shoko Mori
Kimiyuki Chatani
Business description Planning, development, and operation of games; scenario writing; direction; and design production
Operations of and consulting with respect to social-network game platforms
Production and consulting based on the use of intellectual property (IP)
Consulting based on the use of Web3
End of the fiscal year May
Correspondent bank Shinjuku Nishiguchi Branch, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Established March 28, 2005
Main business connections
(Japanese alphabetical order; honorific terms omitted)

Spike Chunsoft, Inc.
Deluxe Games Inc.
and more
Group companies TENDA Co., Ltd. (parent company)
Skyarts Co., Ltd.
Organizations with which the company is affiliated CESA (Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association)
Shigeki Nakamura Nov. 2000 Joined Tenda Co., Ltd.
May 2006 Director of Tenda Co., Ltd.
Jan. 2007 Corporate Auditor of Beijing Tenda, Ltd.
Jun. 2011 Director of Beijing Tenda, Ltd.
Oct. 2013 Director of Dalian Tenda, Ltd.
Aug. 2018 Representative Director & President of Tenda Co., Ltd.
Aug. 2022 Director, President, & Executive Officer of Tenda Co., Ltd.; in charge of Consumer Business
Feb. 2023 Representative Director of Netchubiyori, Ltd. (Tenda Games)
Aug. 2023 Appointed Representative Director of the Company (current position)
Sep. 2023 Director & Managing Executive Officer of Tenda Co., Ltd.; in charge of Consumer Business (current positions)
Jan. 2024 Representative Director of X-Verse Plus Co., Ltd.
Keiichi Yoshida Apr. 1998 Joined Artdink Corporation
Jan. 2002 Joined Chunsoft Co., Ltd.
Mar. 2005 Established Netchubiyori, Ltd., and appointed Director
Aug. 2023 Appointed Director of the Company (current position)
Mayumi Yamada Apr. 2001 Joined GaiaX Co., Ltd.
Jan. 2013 Joined Mobcast, Inc. (now Mobcast Holdings, Inc.)
Dec. 2020 Executive Officer of Mobcast Games, Inc. (now NINJIN Co., Ltd.)
Dec. 2023 Transferred to X-Verse Plus Co., Ltd. and appointed Director
Mar. 2024 Appointed Director of the Company (current position)
Akira Sonobe Apr. 1982 Joined Recruit Co., Ltd. (now Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd.)
Oct. 1988 Joined Fuji Xerox System Service Co., Ltd. (now Fujifilm System Service Co., Ltd.)
Apr. 2016 Executive Officer, Head of Corporate Strategy Headquarters, Fuji Xerox System Service Co., Ltd. (currently Fujifilm System Service Co., Ltd.)
Apr. 2018 Transferred to Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. (now Fujifilm Business Innovation Corp.) and appointed Senior General Manager
Jul. 2021 Joined Tenda Co., Ltd. and appointed Executive Officer and Head of the Corporate Division
Jul. 2022 Director of Mitsutomo Technology, Inc.
Aug. 2022 Director of Idea Bureau Co., Ltd.
Apr. 2023 Director, Executive Officer and CFO of Tenda Co., Ltd.
Aug. 2023 Appointed Director (part-time) of the Company (current position)
Sep. 2023 Director, Executive Officer, President, COO & CFO of Tenda Co., Ltd.; in charge of R&D and in charge of Corporate Affairs (current positions)
Yusuke Amemiya Apr. 2004 Commissioned by Bestack Co., Ltd.
Jan. 2011 Commissioned by Polygon Pictures Co., Ltd.
Jul. 2012 Joined Koei Tecmo Games Co., Ltd.
Jul. 2014 Joined Colopl, Inc.
Oct. 2018 Effects instructor for the Effects Academy at VFX Studio, Creek & River Co., Ltd.
Mar. 2019 Established Skyarts, Inc.; appointed Representative Director (current position)
Apr. 2023 Effects instructor for the Yokohama Digital Arts College (current position)
Mar. 2024 Appointed Director (part-time) of the Company (current position)
Tenda Co., Ltd. Netchubiyori Co., Ltd.
1995 6 Tenda Co., Ltd., established
2001 7 Mobile business launched
2005 3 Netchubiyori Co., Ltd., established
Kyoro-chan Daibouken (Great Adventure)
Dig Dug Puzzle
Planet Wars 2
Kyoro-chan Golf
Kyoro-chan Daidasshutsu (Great Escape)
Kyoro-chan Suuji (Numbers) Puzzle
2006 Mobile YOU♦︎KNOW ・Mobile
Kyoro-chan Athletic
Kyoro-chan Karakuri Puzzle
Kyoro-chan Puzzle-Jou (Puzzle Castle)
Kyoro-chan Rally
Kyoro-chan Suuji (Numbers) Puzzle
Nindo Akatsuki (Dawn)
Kyoro-chan Daibouken (Great Adventure) DX
Aqua Rush
Densetsu no Kyoudan ni Tate! Sensei, Jiken-desu
DS Dengeki Bunko - Inukami! feat. Animatio
DS Dengeki Bunko - Allison
2007 ・Mobile
Pani-Poni Daifugou DX
DS Dengeki Bunko - Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu (Iriya’s Sky, UFO Summer)
Nihon Bungaku 100 Sen (100 Selected Works)

Tsunde Tsumikisu
DS Dengeki Bunko - Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu II
2008 iPhone Stop It! DS Baccano!
DS Ohkami to Koushinryou (Wolf and Spice)
Wii JAWA - Mammoth to Himitsu no Ishi (Mammoth and the Secret Stone)
PSP Higurashi Daybreak Portable
DS Kirihara Shoten Kanshuu Daigakuseiryoku Kentei DS (Kirihara Shoten-Supervised University Testing DS)
2009 App Samurai Slash
DS Spice and Wolf - The Wind That Spans the Sea
2010 DS Thriller Restaurant – The Best 100 Secret Menus
PSP Durarara!! 3 Way Standoff
2011 DS Thriller Restaurant – The Best 100 New Menus
iPhone Thriller Restaurant – The Best 100 Secret Menus for i
PSP Durarara!! 3 Way Standoff MOB
3DS Kings of My Love – Koi mo Manga mo Debut wo Mezase! Dokidoki LOVE Lesson
2012 Social-network game Bushou Tensei Asura – Hototogisu Dairan
Social-network game Vampire † Blood
Social-network game Infinita Strada
PSVita Ao no Futsumashi (Exorcist) – Toki no Meikyuu (Labyrinth)
3DS Fantasy Life
2013 PSVita To Aru Majutsu to Kagaku no Ensemble
App Kamaitachi no Yoru Smart Sound Novel
3DS Devils and Realist – Dairiou no Hihou (Hidden Treasures of the Surrogate King)
3DS SPEC – Hoshi
2014 Social-network game Space Battleship Yamato 2199 – Journey to Iskandar PSVita Durarara!! 3 Way Standoff – Alley-V
PS4 M3 - The Dark Metal: Mission Memento Mori
2015 PSVita Durarara!! Relay
PSVita Girlfriend - Kimi to Sugosu Natsuyasumi (tentative title) My Summer Vacation With You)
PSVita Seraph of the End Beginning of Destiny
2017 App Yamada Puzzle Taputan
Social-network game Rokudenashi BLUES – Gekitou Chronicle
PSVita Sousei no Onmyouji
PSVita Tsukimoto – TSUKIUTA. 12 memories -
App Ohanashi ni Sankasuru Ehon – Lott no Bouken (Lott’s Adventure)
App Time Gal
App Sharktopia -Hitokui Sametachi no Rakuen (Eden) (Paradise of Man-Eating Sharks)
2018 4 Switch WORK×WORK
10 Social-network game Karakuri Circus - Larmes d’un Clown
2019 7 AI:Somnium File
2021 2 Social-network game: Shinsengumi - Oukayouran
2022 3 Triangle Strategy
6 AI:Somnium File Nirvana Initiative
12 Became a part of Tenda Co., Ltd.’s corporate group.
2023 4 FINAL FANTASY Pixel Remaster
8 Trade name changed to Tenda Games Co., Ltd.
10 Tenda Games Co., Ltd., takes over Tenda Co., Ltd.’s game content business.
11 Fushigi Dagashiya – Zenitendo – Fushigi Dangashi-Banashi – 50 Tales (Mysterious Candy Shop Zenitendo 50 Mysterious Candy Stories)
2024 1 Fushigi no Danjon – Fuurai no Shiren 6 Togurojima Tankenroku (Mystery Dungeon Shiren the Wanderer 6 Toguro Island Exploration Record)
2 Jujusta 2024
5-fungo ni Igai-na Ketsumatsu – Monochrome no Toshokan (Unexpected Ending in 5 Minutes – Monochrome Library)
3 Carried out an absorption-type merger with X-VERSE PLUS Co., Ltd.
About us
Backgrounds of Officers