Games Lab

Providing human resources with expertise in games on a subscription basis

Providing flexible personnel solutions at fixed rates.

Game Lab is a service that can provide flexible personnel solutions at fixed rates in accordance with the scale of the client's project and the extent to which the schedule has been completed. For example, we can lead brainstorming sessions in the investigative stage with the participation of upstream members and, if an app or 3D elements are needed, provide integrated support by bringing in Unity or UE engineers with development skills from the lab.

[Production/development domain]
  • Unreal development
  • Unity development
  • 3D model production
  • Game scenario production
Cutting-edge engineering based on a track record of consumer production and development

We can create stories, produce solid scenarios, and develop games thanks to the expertise learned and acquired through the production of consumer games. We develop with the game engines Unreal Engine and Unity that are an integral part of the 3D landscape in the gaming world and provide a coherent set of production technologies.

[Content domain]
  • (Social) game development
  • Game planning
  • Game operations
Carrying out the planning, development, and operation of social-network games as part of a one-stop service
  • A long-running proprietary title with over a decade of success
    (* Vampire † Blood)
  • Ranked #1 among popular titles offered through Yamada Game for many years
  • Have achieved an efficient approach to development using a proprietary game engine
  • Multiple platforms with track records in the areas of development and operations
  • LINE stamps are also available
[Platform domain]
  • (Browser) game platform consultations
  • Game platform operations
Operations and maintenance of browser game platforms

We have provided a wide range of services⏤from consultations to operations⏤in connection with game platforms to date. We will support your business by providing services based on the use of our expertise and experience for everything from attracting new customers to establishing content.