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GLOOMY’s Romping Rampage Adventure

The violent ” Gloomy the Naughty Grizzly ” is now a peaceful collection game!

[What kind of game is it?]
Collect the photos that Gloomy and Pity have taken on their various trips!
They may go to some unexpected places. Sometimes you can even take care of the room for Pity.

[Redecorating the room]
You can redecorate the room as you like!
Pity is a kind and gentle man, so you can redecorate as you like and show off on SNS!

Mori Chack’s various Chack’s characters will visit you as friends!
Receive gifts from your friends and give them souvenirs you got on your trip!

Gloomy and Pity will bring back various souvenirs from their trip!
They might be useful for something, so even if you don’t want them, take them!