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“FINAL FANTASY VI” pixel remaster revived with new graphics and sounds.
The 6th installment of the classic RPG “FF” series has been reborn with vivid 2D graphics.
You can enjoy a timeless story that has further enhanced the atmosphere and fun of the original version, making it easier to play.
The Great War… When the battle that consumed everything ended, “magic” disappeared from the world.
Thousands of years later, people use the power of machines to rebuild the world, but then a girl appears who was born with the power of magic.
The “magic stone system” allows players to learn abilities, magic, summoning, etc., allowing players to develop characters according to their preferences.
All main characters are protagonists. A group drama in which the destinies of people living with various purposes intersect and weave together.
It is a popular work that still boasts high acclaim as the culmination of the “FF” series at the time.