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“Final Fantasy II” pixel remaster revived with new graphics and sounds.

The second installment of the classic RPG “FF” series has been reborn with vivid 2D graphics.
You can enjoy a timeless story that has further enhanced the atmosphere and fun of the original version, making it easier to play.

Four young people become orphans after being caught up in a war between the Palamekian Imperial Army and the rebel army, who are plotting to conquer the world. The profound story begins with a shocking opening.
Encounters, farewells, and reunions with many charming characters, such as the great white mage Minu, Prince Gordon of Kashuon, and female pirate Layla…A beautiful yet sad fate will captivate players.
The direction of the series continues to evolve with ambitious initiatives such as the “Proficiency System,” which eliminates the level system and allows characters to grow based on their fighting style, and the “Word Memory System,” which allows you to memorize keywords during conversations and unlock the key to the story. This is a work that shows.