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Sharktopia – Paradise of Man Eating Sharks

A shark training app that allows you to grow into amazing sharks by feeding them the food you collect (Paripi, etc.)! Sharks evolve in a variety of ways depending on the food they feed them!
If you collect food (paripi, etc.) and feed it to the shark, you will hear the pleasant death sounds (paripi, etc.)! Don’t miss the sight of them chewing on their food (paripi, etc.) deliciously!
Sometimes you can watch super exciting predatory movies where sharks attack various places! Evolved sharks can go anywhere, not just the beach or the ocean! ?
Of course, a shark encyclopedia is also included! Once the shark has evolved, you can check its appearance at any time!
Whether it’s the guy sitting next to you or the girl you’re in love with, they’re all feeding sharks with paripi!