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Girls & Panzer Senshado Daisakusen!

This is a full-fledged strategy simulation smartphone app for the popular anime “Girls & Panzer”.
You can choose your favorite characters, create your own dream team, and enjoy Senshado matches such as flag battles and annihilation battles.
Over 74 characters appear! Keeping the worldview of the anime as it is, you will receive various messages from your companions (or convoys) in full voice original to the game using voice actors from the anime.
In the game part, you can realize deep strategy with simple operations. You can give instructions to each tank and lead your team to victory.
Even if the situation becomes unfavorable, you might be able to turn things around by using “strategies” such as sneaky tactics. !
The combinations of tanks and characters are endless! In addition to being able to place your character on your favorite tank, you can also freely select positions such as commander and gunner.
Not only can you recreate the anime, but you can also place them in positions that they are not in charge of in the anime.