“TENDA LAND” released on Metaverse platform Spatial!

Tenda Games Co., Ltd. (Headquarters/Toshima-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director/Shigetaka Nakamura; hereinafter referred to as “Tenda Games”) has subscribed game talent on Spatial, a metaverse platform operated by Spatial Systems, Inc. in the United States. We have released “TENDA LAND”, which was built by members of “Games Lab”, which is provided in a mold.
The Tenda Group is working to strengthen its game content business, centered on Tenda Games. With this in mind, we thought this project would be an opportunity for people to learn about Tenda and Tenda Games. Furthermore, TENDA LAND also serves as a demonstration environment for companies considering introducing Metaverse. We hope that you will come to TENDA LAND, experience the Metaverse, and use it as an opportunity to learn more about the TENDA Group.

■About “TENDA LAND” built on the metaverse platform Spatial
“TENDA LAND”, built by “Games Lab” members, is an exhibition space where you can view company information and business details of Tenda and Tenda Games. Please take a look.
Spatial is a metaverse platform that can be used for business purposes such as exhibitions and seminars. It is compatible with PCs, smartphones, tablet devices, and VR headsets, and Tenda Games will support installation at the cost of creating a web page.

You can view it as a guest without registering an account.
*As this is a demonstration environment, the number of simultaneous users is limited to 50 users.
If you are unable to access the site, please try again later.

■About efforts in Metaverse-related business at “Games Lab”
Although the Metaverse is attracting a lot of attention as a new business market, it is difficult to see the cost-effectiveness, and building a platform from scratch requires long development times and costs. “Games Lab” provides support for companies considering introducing theMetaverse to build a dedicated space on the existing Metaverse platform as a way to reduce initial investment and enable introduction in a short period of time. Masu. If you are interested in this initiative, please contact us using the inquiry form below.

What is “Games Lab”, which provides flexible game human resources for a fixed fee?

Game Slab is a service that provides and shares game human resources on a subscription basis according to the scale of the customer’s project and progress of the schedule. We can respond quickly and flexibly from development personnel to consultants in every phase from game development to sales. For example, at the project review stage, we conduct brainstorming sessions involving upstream members, and if an app or 3D element is required, we provide consistent support, such as by bringing in Unity or UE engineers with development skills from the lab. You can.