Merged with X-VERSE PLUS Co., Ltd. and took over production business of IP-based games and digital content, etc.

Tenda Games Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Tenda Games”) has merged with group company X-VERSE PLUS Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “X-VERSE PLUS”) on March 1, 2024. Tenda Games has taken over the “producing business of games and digital content using IP” that was previously provided by X-VERSE PLUS, and has launched a new service “Publishing Business.”
Since January 2024, Tenda Games has been producing games and digital content using IP (Intellectual Property) through X-VERSE PLUS as a “License Business.” Through this business succession, we will increase the speed of decision-making, strengthen Tenda Games’ planning, development, management, scenario creation, production, and design production capabilities for games and apps, and evolve our business. I’m coming. We will strive to realize our corporate message of “We want to be a switch that brings fun and excitement to the world.” We appreciate your continued guidance and support.

■About the new service “Publishing Business”
Create new value from licenses. Tenda Games produces games and digital content using IP. Our strength is in maximizing the value of IP and converting it into user experience. The worldview that is expressed by spinning stories using IP provides users with a deeply moving and exciting experience.

Major production achievements to date 炎炎ノ消防隊 ガールズ&パンツァー

■Message from Tenda Games Management

We will strengthen our IP production capabilities and further evolve Tenda Games’ business. We maximize the value of IP and create and provide rich user experiences. Please continue to look forward to Tenda Games, which continues to create new value and experiences and deliver fun and excitement to the world.

Tenda Games has also excelled in developing and operating consumer games and online games that utilize IP such as anime and books. With the addition of X-VERSE PLUS members who have a proven track record in publishing, we are sure to be able to deliver even more enjoyable games. All members of Tenda Games will continue to create even more interesting and moving experiences. Please stay tuned!

Until now, X-VERSE PLUS has been promoting the publishing business of games and other products that take advantage of IP. We are confident that by joining Tenda Games’ planning, management and development capabilities, we will be able to deliver services that will be even more enjoyable for end users. We appreciate your continued support.