Announcement of new Tenda Games business start and web page renewal

Tenda Games Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Tenda Games”) has made a new start by taking over the game content business of its parent company, Tenda Co., Ltd., as of October 1, 2023. We would also like to inform you that we have taken this opportunity to renew the Tenda Games web page and the URL has changed.

We will further refine our innate planning and development capabilities for games and apps, and strive to realize our corporate message of “We want to be a switch that brings fun and excitement to the world.” We appreciate your continued guidance and support.

■ About the business content of the new Tenda Games
Corporate Message: “We want to be a switch that brings fun and excitement to the world.”

Tenda Games is a multi-entertainment company that combines knowledge cultivated through game development and operation with production and consulting using IP (intellectual property), based on the “spirit of respecting freedom” in a society that demands diversity. is. We will create more valuable experiences than ever before by leveraging Web3 technologies such as XR (cross reality) and NFT.

≪Consumer Game: Home game/application development≫
In the development of consumer games, Tenda Games uses its reliable development capabilities to quickly turn the passion for games that are born every day into reality, in order to create stories that are suitable for games and impress players with reliable production.
In addition to developing with game engines such as Unreal Engine (UE) and Unity, we continue to take on new challenges one after another and continue to create fun that everyone can get excited about.

≪Online Game: Online game development and operation≫
Tenda Games, which has been involved in the production and operation of games and other content since 2001 as a pioneer in the industry, has the power to complete everything in-house for online games, from planning, development, operation to promotion, and has a proven game engine. We have the knowledge and technology to quickly release games using intellectual property (IP/Intellectual Property).

≪Games Lab: Providing game human resources on a subscription basis≫
Game Slabo is a service that allows us to provide flexible human resources at a fixed price according to the scale of the customer’s project and progress of the schedule. For example, at the project review stage, we conduct brainstorming sessions involving upstream members, and if an app or 3D element is required, we provide consistent support, such as by bringing in Unity or UE engineers with development skills from the lab. You can.

■ Message from Tenda Games Management

Based on the best technology and services, we will provide entertainment with an eye on the Web3 era.
Please look forward to the future of Tenda Games, which will continue to create new value and experiences and deliver fun and excitement to the world.

For nearly 20 years, we have worked with the members of the Consumer Game Division to develop a variety of games with great enthusiasm. For some titles, I developed all of the titles, and for others, I was responsible for some aspects such as writing the scenario, implementing the program, and creating the graphics.
In either case, we develop the game with the top priority in providing the user with an experience that can only be found in a game.
We have added new members to the Online Game Business Department, and our structure has become even stronger. All Tenda Games members will continue to create even more interesting and moving experiences and take on new challenges. Please stay tuned!

■ About web page renewal

The URL of the web page has been changed as follows.


If you have the URL of a web page registered in your “favorites” or “bookmarks”, we apologize for the inconvenience, but please change it to a new URL. Please note that the old URL links you have been using will continue to be available for the time being.