Column “Game Lab Tsushin” by game professionals is now available!

Tenda Games Co., Ltd. (Headquarters/Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director/Shigetaka Nakamura, hereinafter referred to as “Tenda Games”) has started distributing “Games Lab News”, a column written by members of “Games Lab”, which provides game talent on a subscription basis. I did.


■ What is “Games Lab Tsushin”?
During our conversations with customers, we received cases where they were very happy with the content we talked about, or brought new things to our attention, so we thought it would be a good idea to disseminate such opportunities as columns, which is why we created Game Lab News.
We hope to provide information that is easy to understand for anyone, including those involved in the game industry, such as know-how regarding game production, the cutting edge of Web3 business, and the laws in the game industry that you should know.
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First, I will explain gamification in several parts. The first column has been published, so please take a look.
Key to gamification ①: PBL strategy that users can enjoy over the long term

■What is “Games Lab”, which provides flexible game human resources for a fixed fee?
Game Slab is a service that provides and shares game human resources on a subscription basis according to the scale of the customer’s project and progress of the schedule. We can respond quickly and flexibly from development personnel to consultants in every phase from game development to sales. For example, at the project review stage, we conduct brainstorming sessions involving upstream members, and if an app or 3D element is required, we provide consistent support, such as by bringing in Unity or UE engineers with development skills from the lab. You can.
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