“Yamada Game” operated by Yamada Denki will utilize “Games Lab” to challenge new gaming areas such as blockchain and Web 3.0!

Tenda Games Co., Ltd. (Headquarters/Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director/Shigetaka Nakamura, hereinafter referred to as “Tenda Games”) is a subsidiary of Yamada Denki Co., Ltd. (Headquarters/Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture, Representative Director/President Yoshinori Ueno, hereinafter referred to as “Yamada Denki”). A new contract was signed in October 2023 with the aim of strengthening governance so that we can adapt to changes in the game market and the legal environment in order to achieve new growth for the game platform “Yamada Game” that we operate. We will make full use of “Games Lab”, which provides game talent on a subscription basis, to support “Yamada Games” in challenging new gaming environments such as blockchain and Web 3.0.


■Background of the provision of professional human resources by “Games Lab”
Tenda Games (including the predecessor Tenda’s consumer business) has been involved in the development and operation of “Yamada Games” since 2014, when the service was first launched. From June 2023, we will transition to a new system through “Games Lab” and provide knowledge and experience regarding game platforms.
In order to strengthen governance with a view to new gaming environments such as blockchain and Web 3.0, Tenda Games has built a system to provide services with the cooperation of lawyers with deep knowledge of the gaming industry. . Yamada Denki will leverage its extensive retail network and customer base to drive the growth of Yamada Games in line with its plans to expand its physical and e-commerce businesses. Tenda Games and Yamada Denki will continue to take on challenges to bring new innovation to the game market by leveraging their respective strengths.

■What is “Games Lab”, which provides flexible game human resources for a fixed fee?
Game Slab is a service that provides and shares game human resources on a subscription basis according to the scale of the customer’s project and progress of the schedule. We can respond quickly and flexibly from development personnel to consultants in every phase from game development to sales. For example, at the project review stage, we conduct brainstorming sessions involving upstream members, and if an app or 3D element is required, we provide consistent support, such as by bringing in Unity or UE engineers with development skills from the lab. You can.
Gameslab service introduction page:

■[What is “Yamada Game”] (URL:
“Yamada Game” provided by Yamada Denki is a service that has celebrated its 11th anniversary, and is used by many customers who mainly visit from the Yamada Denki membership app, including games where you can earn Yamada points and social games that you can play for free. It’s a gaming platform.