Entered into a business partnership with KAYAC Akiba Studio Inc. to expand services to the global entertainment market

On May 1st, Tenda Games Co., Ltd. (Head office: Toshima-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Nakamura Shigetaka; hereinafter referred to as “Tenda Games”) signed a business partnership agreement with Kayac Akiba Studio Inc. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Kaihata Masanori; hereinafter referred to as “Kayac Akiba Studio”), a group company of Kayac Inc. (Head office: Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture; CEO: Yanagisawa Daisuke; hereinafter referred to as “Kayac”), with the aim of “building a strategic partnership to strengthen our response to the planning and development of global comprehensive entertainment.”

Masanori Kaihata (right), CEO of Kayac Akiba Studio Inc.
and Shigeki Nakamura, CEO of Tenda Games Inc.

■ Purpose of the business alliance
The global game market is expected to continue to grow, but in recent years, the Japanese market has seen the scale of planning and development projects for online and consumer games become larger, leading to longer development times and higher costs, and the selection of planning and development projects with an eye on investment efficiency is accelerating.

On the other hand, in the global comprehensive entertainment market, which includes e-sports, XR, generative AI, hybrid casual games, etc., there is a growing need for the technical capabilities cultivated in the game industry.

Tenda Games has developed online and consumer game businesses with strengths in planning, long-term management, development, scenario, and platform management, and has been highly evaluated in the game market. In March 2024, we integrated X-VERSE PLUS Co., Ltd. and added IP (Intellectual Property) publishing, strengthening our organization to create new value and experiences and deliver fun and excitement to the world.

Aiming to spread next-generation entertainment from Akihabara to the world, Kayac Akiba Studio has planned and developed a wide range of entertainment content, including games, anime, XR, and AI, leveraging its strengths in technology and imagination. In recent years, by collaborating with the creative talent of the “Fun Corporation Kayac Group,” the company has also focused on “gameful design,” which applies game technology and planning know-how to a variety of fields, including education and promotion.
With this in mind, the two companies have concluded this business alliance agreement with the aim of combining the technical areas in which they excel and building a system that can quickly respond to market needs.

The purpose of this business alliance is for both companies to utilize their respective areas of expertise and management resources to cooperate in the development of new entertainment works and new technologies. The collaboration between the two companies will enable the expansion of highly creative content production and planning and development capabilities in various fields in the global entertainment field, such as consumer games, online games, hyper-casual games, anime, XR, IP content creation, and the provision of creator human resources services.
Through this business alliance, TENDA GAMES will accumulate knowledge of new technologies, methods of expression, and planning and development in the global entertainment field, while expanding the scale of orders and aiming for business growth.
We will create new value and experiences in various fields such as games, anime, and the metaverse, and deliver fun and excitement to the world.

①Expanding the development structure
・The collaboration between the two companies’ creative talent services will enable them to handle increasingly large-scale development projects.
・By adjusting for shortages, surpluses, and preferences of development personnel, they will be able to build an efficient and appropriate development system.
・The planning and development of comprehensive entertainment content, not just games, will become more flexible.
②Achieving a wide range of sales structures
・By combining the strengths of both companies, we will build a broader sales structure.
・Strengthening planning and proposal capabilities through sales collaboration between two companies with extensive knowledge of comprehensive entertainment planning and development
③Technology Exchange
・By mutually complementing the technologies and know-how of both companies, we will promote the efficiency of planning and developing comprehensive entertainment content.
・Accelerate information gathering and R&D on new technologies

This business alliance will combine TENDA GAMES’s “planning, development, management, scenario writing, and technology/services for comprehensive entertainment content using IP” with KAYAC AKIBA STUDIO’s “game development, XR, CG animation, Webtoon, fan community, and AI technology/services.”
This will enable the creation of one of Japan’s leading global comprehensive entertainment development structures, from AAA domestic and international consumer game titles, to the development and management of large-scale smartphone titles, hyper-casual games, and XR content production.

■ Message
≪Tenda Games Co., Ltd. Representative Director Shigeki Nakamura≫

At a time of great change in the gaming and other entertainment industries, I am grateful for the opportunity to create even more exciting things together with Kayac Akihabara Studio and the rest of the Kayac Group. I’m just excited.

We hope you will continue to look forward to the infinite possibilities that both companies will realize through the many inputs that each company will bring to the table through their respective strengths and knowledge.

We will continue to strive towards realizing our goal, “Make a smile and wonder world!”

≪Kayac Akiba Studio Co., Ltd. Representative Director Masanori Kaihata≫

With the vision of “Delivering future entertainment from Akihabara to the world!”, KAYAC AKIBA STUDIO has been developing businesses in games, digital animation, XR, and more recently in the fields of metaverse, Webtoon, and generative AI.

Together with TENDA GAMES, we hope to bring the entertainment of the future to the world with our cutting-edge technological capabilities and imagination that goes beyond conventional ideas.

We will continue to expand the value of Japan’s wonderful IP in various fields. Please look forward to the efforts of both companies.